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Tour Dublin with a Dub who writes his own poetry and sings solo.

My name is Antoin and I am a native of Dublin. For entertainment, singing, poetry readings and story-telling and history by the way, you will hear it all on my tours. For the foodies I know where you get an Irish Stew but for a Dublin dish I can recommend… sorry you’ll have to join me on tour to find out. The sense of humour is included as well. It was Socrates who said “I know that I know nothing” but I think you’ll find we know a bit more than that about Dublin.

Dublin is an interesting city, make no mistake. Our tours are centred on explaining and expanding on its history: from Viking foundations to Georgian genius and the role of Revolution, you will hear it all. Our focus is on making sure that you enjoy your time with us as we explore the city. My interests are history and politics but I also enjoy writing and reciting poetry and singing, both of which I bring to my tours. Having played in a band of yesteryear with a special interest in Irish Traditional music, I sing in both Irish and English and know the best haunts as they say to visit. I am a qualified Guide and have also recently obtained the National Guide Badge. We can change or adapt our tours to suit your schedule or special interest.

While my tours are predominantly in English I also use Irish translations where appropriate and I also speak Dutch up to Intermediate level. If you like history, architecture, poetry and song, why not come and join me. It would be my absolute pleasure to show you my city. By the way, we always recommend coming prepared for the weather with whatever variety of raingear you wish but most essentially please bring a sense of humour.

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