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    Hi…I’m John Healy an adventure guide of Ireland and owner of MyTours Ireland

    MyTours Ireland is the result of the many tours and adventure activities I have completed abroad and at home in Ireland. Having hiked solo and in groups throughout Sardinia,Australia,Ethiopia and Ireland and having cycled and hiked throughout Kerry, I decided to open MyTours Ireland to suit inbound adventure travelers…I am originally from Kerry, born and bred and am now based in Kerry and therefore I like to pride myself in being able to showcase my beautiful county, known as the kingdom as no others can….as a local.

    Even though i initially started this business to cater for adventure tours i find myself catering more for the 5 star market, which is less adventurous but still great fun and my clients always seem to love how i showcase my country…i am a history buff and love the ancient history of Ireland …

    I am always learning and i love coming across castles and sites around Ireland that i hadn’t previously known.

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