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Bartie D'Arcy

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    I am a Private Guide in Dublin City and the Midlands of Ireland available for walking tours. Book me for a fun filled tour experience that will remain with you long after.

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    “I’ve had thoughts and images in my head and feelings in my body and heart all night long of the specialness of Ireland you made available to me. I don’t remember thanking you enough! I would love to have grown as a child in your company,exploring the world and learning. I will always be grateful for the time the universe gave me to learn from you. You are an old soul,well along on your journey! And I am most grateful for the experience of the Ireland that my people had to leave but always longed for.
    Hopefully you can let me be a little “sappy”…usually I would be saying theses things after a pint or two but …
    Looking forward to the pictures, reading the book, and sharing my stone and thoughts of my time here with the people at home whom I love. Thank you for all you have given me. Blessings on your journey, and all the best to your family “