Membership of Independent Tour Guides Association



1. Membership is open to Republic of Ireland based Professional Tour Guides.

2. Applicants should have a Tour Guiding online presence such as a website or business Facebook page.

3. Applicants must be sponsored by an existing member.

4. Fill in our CONTACT form.

The Association is run by volunteers so the response to applications will be significantly delayed during the busy season (mid-March to mid-October).


  1. ITGA Members have official use of the ITGA logo on their website, business cards and other promotional material.
  2. ITGA Members will be listed on the ITGA website.
  3. ITGA Members will be invited to attend and discuss at our meetings.
  4. ITGA Members will be able to avail of our affordable public liability insurance.
  5. ITGA Members will be issued with an official lanyard ID and Badge.


For the year to end of December 2019, the basic membership fee is €75. This includes a website listing, lanyard ID, badge and networking opportunities.

Public liability insurance is available to members based on estimated annual tours turnover. The rate is 1% of turnover, so for example, the membership fee including public liability insurance for €5,000 tours turnover would be €125 (€75 + €50).

Membership is for the calendar year; all renewals fall due in December for the following year.