Membership of Independent Tour Guides Association



1. Fill in our CONTACT form – tell us a bit about yourself, where you guide, your experience and your contact details.

2. You will be contacted by a committee member of the ITGA, and all being well you will be able to join us!

3. Once we receive and process your payment, you will officially be a member and your details will go up on the ITGA website.


  1. ITGA Members have official use of the ITGA logo on their website, business cards and other promotional material.
  2. ITGA Members will be listed on the ITGA website.
  3. ITGA Members will be invited to attend and discuss at our meetings.
  4. ITGA Members will be able to avail our affordable public liability insurance.
  5. ITGA Members have fun and no longer have to work in isolation!


The 2018 Annual membership fee is €50 plus Public Liability Insurance as listed below if required.

  • €10 per €1,000 estimated annual tours turnover.
  • Public Liability Insurance Examples:
  • €30 for €3,000 turnover.
  • €50 for €5,000 turnover.
  • €100 for €10,000 turnover.
  • €200 for €20,000 turnover.